Our SPRING schedule is now available!

Dear Ones,

As the snowy drifts shrink, and the breezes and sunshine gently warm the earth, we are being called out of the introspection of Winter and back into the light. Hints of Spring beckon us to “Wake Up” and signal us to “Get Ready.” Tis the Season to say “Yes” to life, whatever it may bring. Let your yoga practice be your body, mind, and heart’s spring training!

How to find us!


Yoga Classes

Wesley United Church

3913 Hillsdale St

Regina SK S4S 3Y2

(Please enter and exit through the South doors.)


Mailing Address

Every Day Sacred

PO Box 37235 Regina South

Regina SK S4S 7K4


Join us at our new location!

Greetings Friends!

After 26 years as Regina’s first yoga studio, 5 locations and 10 years at my current location, I will be coming full circle as I head out on my own.

I will be moving my yoga classes to a new location this Fall: Wesley United church at 3913 Hillsdale Street.

It is my joy and pleasure to offer my services to you these many years and to continue to grow and journey with you into the future!

"Loves greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred." ~ Rumi