Imagine meaningful, heartfelt rituals and ceremonies as unique as you are, that honour the cycles and passages of your life! All ceremonies and rituals are created to be a meaningful reflection of your values and beliefs; therefore, they are custom crafted just for you.

Some of the services I create are: 

  • Celebrations of Love – Prenuptial, Weddings, Vow Renewals, Anniversaries, Conscious Un-couplings
  • Child and Family Services – Baptisms, Namings, Welcomings, Adoptions, Family Blendings
  • Rituals for Dying & Death – Midwifery for the Dying, Celebrations of Life, Funerals, Burials & Cremation, Grieving 
  • Rituals for Women – First Moon, Coming of Age, Mother Blessings, Menopause, Empty Nest, Elderhood
  • Rituals for Healing & Health
  • Seasonal Rituals – That follow changes in the natural world and rituals that follow the interfaith calendar
  • Pet Blessings and Memorials
  • House, Business, Retirement Rituals

And there’s more as I create rituals to meet your requests and needs.