All classes will be held in the auditorium at Montessori School of Regina. Please adhere to provincial and common-sense standards regarding our time together including entering, leaving, and using this public space. We will set up our mats with plenty of room between them and there will also be sanitizer when you enter the auditorium.

Because of health reasons, students are required to bring their own props to class including:

  • 2 mats – A yoga mat and an optional thicker mat to give warmth and padding for Savasana
  • 1 foam block to use under your seat and head
  • 2 rubber, cork, or wood blocks – the lighter for you to carry the better
  • Large rectangular bolster
  • Smaller ‘prana’ rectangular bolster
  • Yoga strap, belt, or tie
  • Thick blanket
  • Eye covering (optional)

It is recommended to dress in layers.

Park in the parking lot to the east side of the building.

Enter and exit through the South doors.

Place all outerwear and footwear in the space provided in the hallway.

Bring keys and valuables into the class space with you.

Every Day Sacred is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.