Rituals,  Initiations,  Wisdom Circles  &  WholeLife Coaching

I have had the privilege of offering my services to woman individually and collectively through the ages and stages of their lives for almost 40 years in my different capacities and roles. We are all wonder woman on a journey to discover, own, cultivate and integrate our personal wisdom with that of others, and ultimately with that of the Universe!




The ABC ‘s of a Spiritually Literate Life – Enhance your ‘life’ literacy by learning & applying the spiritual alphabet.

How’s your spiritual literacy? How do you read, communicate, interpret, respond, find, and make meaning of life? We make meaning about the world from reading and writing but literacy goes far beyond these! We may read the sky for weather; read the expression and moods of others as they read us; notice our pets reading us; read the signs of environmental distress; read a room. The list is endless. Literacy allows us to more skillfully interpret and interact with the world!

To live more spiritually literate requires its own alphabet. Thanks to the passion and efforts of Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, the spiritual alphabet was born! The 37 alphabet letters are “qualities of mind and heart” and draw their inspiration from the “world’s spiritual, psychological, cultural and wisdom traditions.” Their scope applies to anything and everything and there’s something for everyone regardless of how you identify.

We’ll begin with an overview of the alphabet and engage weekly with a different letter and its related themes and practices beginning with A for Attention…B for Beauty…C for Compassion… and so on. Each letter’s qualities and practices will expand our ability to notice, read, interpret, and make meaning of our multifaceted lives. The ABC’s might just become your most precious superpowers!

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Wonder Women’s Wisdom Circles

Strengthen your Super Powers through a Wonder Women’s Wisdom circle! A circle is a powerful way to connect with others who really ‘get you’, meet new friends, exchange Wonder Woman wisdom and experiences, have fun, and move toward a healthier, more fulfilled, conscious you! All circles are safe, experiential and incorporate potent rituals, self exploration, movement, meditation, chakras, archetypes, expressive arts, spiritual psychology and soul-centered coaching.

Circle #1 – Becoming Ageless Sages

This wisdom circle is for women 55+ who are pondering some of the challenges and hopes of Midlife including changing bodies, relationships, career, finances, shifting identities and a quest for meaning! We heed the call of the so-called ‘midlife crisis’ and embrace it as a wakeup call from the Universe! We’ll explore the opportunities of this time in life through inquiry, conversation, education, play and a host of creative activities including ritual, expressive arts, coaching and more. You will find your tribe as you shed a tear, share a laugh, support others and receive support in the company of women who really ‘get’ you! Make new friends, share experiences and wisdom, get creative and awaken your Ageless Sage!

Upcoming Circles – TBD

Circle #2: Sage-ing Continues

 For Alumni who’ve completed “Becoming Ageless Sages”

Upcoming Circles – TBD

Circle #3: Integrative Soul Support & Coaching

Integrative Soul Support & Coaching connects you to your true self, your life purpose and your innate wisdom as you live, work, play and eventually depart from this life. This alignment allows a greater level of wisdom and discernment regarding where to invest your life force and creative energy. We will draw upon an array of wisdom traditions including spirituality, meditation, psychology, ritual, yoga, expressive arts and more. It is my honor and joy to support and witness your journey!

A complimentary conversation is available if you would like to learn more.