“Come, come whoever you are.” ~ Rumi



Meditation Sampler

Meditation is a transformative practice with techniques that are intended to encourage a state of focused, heightened awareness as well as a shift in consciousness. It has been practiced for thousands of years with repeatable results and significant benefits. You will learn about the basics of meditation and explore, sample and practice different styles. And you will learn about some of the obstacles, supports and motivations for meditation as well as gain confidence through practice in and between classes. Hope you’ll join me. 

Dates: Thursdays April 22- June 10 (8 weeks)

Time:  7:00 – 8:00 pm  

Fee: $91.00 Incl GST



SoulFull Sundays

Come to an inclusive kind of church service which is interactive, creative and engaging and recognizes that there are many paths and practices leading us to the Source of life! Come for music, reflection, conversation, meditation and a host of creative activities. Come, come whoever you are – gay & straight; men & women; young & elder; spiritual, religious or neither. Come connect to that which connects us all – Love!

Location: via ZOOM

No registration. Love offerings received.

Gathering:       10:50am

Service:            11:00am – 12:00pm

Dates:               TBD



Rhythm Cradle & Sound Bath Workshop

Experience the group healing process of a healing drum oasis followed with the soothing soundscape of crystal bowls! During the drum oasis, you’ll be guided to hold a simple beat on a frame drum as you give and receive drumming as well as offer and receive caring touch. This is not about learning to play drums nor is it a typical drum circle. No experience or drums required, only your beginner’s mind! Leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, empowered and connected to yourself, others and the greater good! 

$20.00 Donation at the Door

Date and Times TBD